A group of companies specialized in the Pharmaceutical industry, used to work globally as a unique team.

We have a client centric common vision, based on reliability, delivery and innovation, and developed as a long term partnership approach.

We have international experience at Corporate level within major pharmaceutical companies and we are ready to help you growing your business with the solutions that better fit your needs.

We provide solutions in all the areas, from technology, to processes, people and market. Whatever is your need, don’t hesitate to contact us (info@pharmasolutionsnetwork.com) and share your ideas, it will be our pleasure to meet you and discuss the best way to translate ideas into reality!

Your team, the core part of your company.
Results depend crucially on the way people work together. The performance of a team working in harmony can far exceed the capabilities of individual players.
Capturing all the opportunities that a good organization can bring does not happen overnight, but is achievable with the right guidance.
We will be your partner to:
– find the best people and set up the right team
– train, coach and engage them
– clarify objectives
– simplify processes
– foster the best environment for innovation
– manage clear communicationLearn More
Investments in technology are a big part of the budget a pharmaceutical company has to spend in order to be competitive and able to catch the opportunities coming from the progress.
We offer a full range of services for the planning, design, engineering, construction supervision, qualification & validation, equipment hook-up and operational support of contamination controlled facilities and laboratories.
Benefit from our extensive experience in the Pharma industry, our in-depth Technology expertise and flexibility to meet customers’ requirements.Learn More
Talking about Processes means
approaching the way a company works,
its operative system.
As it happens in any complex structure, also in the industrial world a mix of great technological tools and competent team is not enough to succeed if all those components are not well linked through a capable and integrated system of processes and correctly ruled by procedures.

Quality procedures, GMP Compliance, MoH inspection preparations, Technical training, Lean approach, are the basement of that integrated system and some of the most important areas to be clearly defined and managed to guarantee a perfect delivery of production and distribution to clients.

That’s why we have established a synergistic group of professionals and consultancy firms specialized in all those areas, to be involved where needed under our coordination.Learn More

Building partnerships, creating synergies and managing products development and licensing is a must in such a global and competitive world.
Thanks to our long experience at international level in the pharmaceutical market, we are able to find the best solutions to strengthen your position on the market and maximizing the result of your efforts.
If you are looking to find opportunities for M&A in pharma area, we can give you suggestions, information reports on potential partners and help you in due diligences and following reorganization processes.
If your strategic focus is on Marketing and Sales we are ready to help you on finding the right partners for developing and manufacturing your products. Thanks to our extensive experience in the CDMO industry we can find a strategic partner which will represent, in total or in part, your development and production arm.Learn More
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